Charter - Creating A New Charter School

Creating a New Charter School

This process will help the BIS PS team create a new charter school. This process is for any stand-alone charter school or any new charter school within a network. This information should be sent by CISS, ESSA, or Finance.


  1. Create a new GHR location number.
    • Locations in GHR
  2. Create a new S3 location number (HR04.9) (go to HR11, go to assignment, right click on location and define – this will take youto HR04.9)
  3. Create a new S3 process level (HR01).
    • ONLY FILL OUT Main tab let payroll complete other tabs
  4. Create a new S3 department under the above process level - STAFF (HR02).
    • Only do one for STAFF

  1. Create a new GHR organization unit (this org unit should report to 1366 unless it's a network charter then it should report to the network level org unit).
    • Locations like KIPP, DSST, etc. report to a Network
    • Right click on one of the org units in the Network and click on Copy This Branch


  • Fill out the detail to look like the other locations in the Org Unit


  1. Map the above organization unit using Cross Reference to the above process level and department. (search for: ProcessLevelDepartment)

  1. Run the "CreatingANewCharterSchool" SQL query. (HRIS > Processes > Non-Employee)
  2. Paste the results in cell A4 of the "Position_Create_Charter_20170623" upload template (the data should spread to cells B4, C4, and D4 also).
  3. Fill in column D and column E with the above information.
  4. Column G should be filled in with the direct supervisor code. If this is a network then this supervisor code should be that of the network level HR Liaison (you can look up any schools position numbers within that network and find the supervisor code). If this is a brand new charter school then you must first create a charter school liaison position number. You can create this manually via GHR – select the correct job code, organization unit (from above), location (from above) and direct supervisor (623 – but check another liaison position number to confirm). The description should be that of the job code with " – LIAISON". See another Liaison position number as an example.
  5. Complete upload.
  6. Save the upload.
  7. Put the newly created data into the "20170623_CharterSchoolOrgUnitsANDLocations" spreadsheet (located here: Z:\Human Resources\Shared\HRIS_PS\Processes\Non-Employee). DON'T FORGET THIS STEP!
  8. Email CISS the upload spreadsheet with the new position numbers.(Charter Information Systems Support Team Mailbox
  9. Email +DoTS TPST, Jason Rand and Billy Gould (see example below)

Organization Unit #


Mapped Process Level

Mapped Department


5280 High  School





DSST Middle School @ Noel Campus




KIPP Sunshine Peak Elementary




Rocky Mountain Prep Berkeley




  1. Add account numbers to the position numbers we just created and sent to Trisha Morris (PR23 upload template)
    • Trisha cannot run her upload until the positions interface to S3.Once they interface, let Trisha know and she can run the account number upload
  2. Notify HRD.They track adding account number to positions they create on a spreadsheet.If there's a large gap they will have questions


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