Project Analysis Instructions

This instructions are for individuals responsible for reviewing project requests, providing project request analysis, and approving of the submitted request.

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Step 1 & 2: Review for Duplicates and initial analysis

Step 3: Review with Leadership, Operational Committee Review 

Step 4: Additional Analysis

Step 1 &2: Review for Duplicates and initial analysis

Click on My work, My Approvals. Select an intake from your approval queue.


Step 1.

Review information of the intake submitted by the business.  Reassign it to another workflow if the intake needs to be analyzed by another team. Go to Business Case (brief case), Actions. Assign Request to Workflow.


Otherwise, check the backlog and approve the step. Click on the Business Case (brief case),  Actions. Approve Steps once you confirm there are no duplicates or related intakes that can be combined. Save.

Step 2.

Answer all questions under General. Leave Portfolio blank (this will be filled out after Operational Committee review, approve, or put in backlog). Stop when you reach step 2. Answer questions in Score Card and Business Benefit Analysis (if the business leaves it blank). The red asterisk * indicates it's required for the approval step. You must Mark Complete to approve the step.  To approve the step, click on Business Case (brief case). Actions, Approve Step.  This step completes the requirements for the first part of the intake analysis.

Step 3. Review with leadership & Operational Committee review for detail analysis.  

Run reports and review the  requests with HR, Finance, DoTS leadership to proritize the projects.  Reports are located under Portfolio Planning tab.

Fill out:

  1. Zero: For Operational Committee Use

    Dept Leaders Approval & Priority Rating
  2. ie. 2018 Summer Release 
  3. Opitional: Zero: For Operational Committee Use 


Operational Committee will review and approve requests as a project or determine if  further detailed analysis is needed, which is step 4.


Step 4. Detailed Analysis

Complete General Step 2 ( Customization, LOE, Reporting, Training, Who Is Impacted) System Affected*, Role Forecast*.

System Affected. Click on Add for choices to select from. Save. Mark Complete


Role Forecasts. Select Weeks  Add Resource and Select the roles needed to complete the Intake. Generate. Save. Business Case (Brief Case) Actions. Approve Step.



Step 5.

Operational Committee will staff the project and approve the project.

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