How to Submit a Production Support Ticket

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1. Submit a ticket using this link:


2. Fields (required fields are denoted by an *)

  • Title: a brief summary of the issue
  • Description of Issue/Request: enter in a complete description of the issue including things such as what you were doing when the issue occurred, is production affected, is this a recurring issue, etc.
  • Requester: defaults to your user name
  • Business Area: use the drop down to choose who owns this issue; if you are unsure, you can choose “Other” and we will update later
  • Acct/Dept: this defaults from your Team Dynamix setup (do not change)
  • Impact: use the drop down and choose who this issue affects
  • Urgency: use the drop down to choose the urgency of the issue
  • Due Date: the date you would like the issue resolved
  • Attachment: please attach any helpful documents (screenshots, pdf’s, etc.)

3. Click “Request” to submit your ticket2.

4. A confirmation will appear on the screen showing your ticket ID#

5. A confirmation email will also be sent to you upon submission. It will include a link so that you can view the status of your ticket along with other details including the technician working the ticket, any comments on the ticket, etc.

6. If anything is needed, we will contact you ASAP


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