S3 - AP175 Errors

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Error: AP175 shows “The preceding journal entry contains errors. Please review prior to posting.”

Description: AP ran AP175 and there were 2 errors on the Report Listing. This prevented them from posting to the GL.


  • AP175 shows that Journal# I-37 has an error on it.
  • You can review the AP175 journal entry on GL42. The GL42 displays a record for each journal entry by line. If a journal entry contains an error, a separate line will display with the line number containing the error.
  • Journal #37 has an error on line 1.
  • AU is 3002950010 requires an Activity. AP will have to cancel the invoice, and attach an Activity to the expense.


Article ID: 52940
Fri 4/27/18 1:03 PM