S3 - MA126 Errors

Error: MA126 shows that the invoice did not match to the PO correctly. The error message is “All rule group levels match unsuccessful; Cost error”.

Description: This means the invoice and receipt do not match. AP will not be able to pay the invoice until this cost message has been resolved.


  1. Go to MA60.3 to review the Details.
  2. Enter the Company, Vendor#, and Invoice # and click Inquire.
  3. All receipts for that invoice will be shown in the Receipt Line Items at the bottom.

  1. In the FC field, enter an “X” in the line you want to match.
  2. In the Special Actions drop down, choose “Select”.
  3. Message line will show “Select Operation Complete”.

  1. In the Special Actions drop down, choose “Match” to match the invoice to the selected receipt.
  2. The message line will show “Match Complete”.

  1. When you go to PO64 for that line, you will see it as matched, and the invoice will now show under the transactions.


Article ID: 53062
Tue 5/1/18 11:09 AM