Project Request


Project requests are reviewed, analyzed, prioritized, managed, and released in four release cycles annually by the Operational Committee, with collaboration between DoTS, Human Resources, and Finance.  The committee reports up to the ERP Governance Committee. If you would like to learn more about the ERP Governance Committee, please go to the ERP Governance google site.

Road Map

BIS Solution Architects regularly meet with various leaders to understand their systems business strategy and needs. The outcome of these meetings is the Five Year Road Map that also be found on the Files section of this web page.

Release Cycles

The Operational Committee reviews, analyzes, prioritizes, and schedules the intakes for release. A release date will be determined during the planning phase. Intake requests submitted after the deadlines will be reviewed during the planning phase of next release cycle. Intake requests submitted after deadline and need to be implemented in the current release will require ERP Governance Committee approval. The deadlines are published on the client home page under Important Dates.



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